Our Cooperative

Burnett Dairy is a cooperative, which means it is owned by the customers who buy our products and services, and the patrons who supply product back to the cooperative.

Although established by the area dairy farmers in 1896, Burnett Dairy Cooperative today provides goods and services for farms, the residential public and other businesses.

Our board of directors consists of seven dairy farmers who supply their milk to Burnett Dairy.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman, Bill Haase (2021)
  • Vice Chairman, Ted Johnson (2019)
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Mark Knoop (2019)
  • Director, Kevin Mathison (2019)
  • Director, Paul Willger (2020)
  • Director, Greg Anderson (2020)
  • Director, Kyle Mathison (2021)

Date indicates the year their term expires.