Animal Nutrition & Grain

Burnett Dairy Cooperative is committed to helping all our dairy patrons meet the latest compliance levels for somatic cell counts (SCC). Our specialists will collaborate closely with each other and with you as a team to help you lower your SCC and reach your individual herd goals. Together, we can help you maximize herd health, milk production and profitability. Contact our experts with questions or to arrange a farm visit.

Grain Storage Options

Burnett Dairy Cooperative offers flexible opportunities for storage options to our customer and their grain crop. These opportunities include:

D.P. – This stands for delayed price. This means we, the buyer, take ownership of the grain upon delivery but the seller has time to watch the markets and sell the grain for the current market price whenever they see fit. It is the seller’s responsibility to let us know when they want to sell their grain. In order to put grain in D.P the customer must have a signed D.P agreement on file, as required by WDA. There are storage fees applied for grain kept in D.P.

Grain Bank – This is where grain is stored with us to be used later as feed for livestock. There is a fee for keeping grain in grain bank.

Regular Storage – Customer delivers grain to elevator, retains title of grain, and pays storage charges for the period the grain is stored.

Grain Marketing Options

Burnett Dairy Cooperative offers various marketing options to our customers including deferred payment, basis contracts, cash sales, target contracts and farm-pickup.

Animal Nutrition & Feed Services

Burnett Dairy Cooperative has top-quality products for your livestock needs. Our expert, on-time and reliable services support the best programs and analysis to help ensure your livestock herds are healthy and profitable. Burnett Dairy Cooperative offers the following services:

  • Bulk on-farm delivery
  • Liquid on-farm delivery
  • Bag Route
  • Routine farm calls
  • Feed stuff analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Custom blend programs
  • Expert advice

Burnett Dairy Cooperative offers the following products:

  • Commodities
  • Protein and mineral mixes
  • Vitamins and trace minerals
  • Calf and heifer feeds (bulk and bag)
  • Total mixed grains
  • Liquid feed supplements (medicated and non-medicated)
  • Dry cow feeds
  • Beef minerals
  • Pellets
  • Tubs, mineral blocks and licks

Field services

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