Propane is an excellent, versatile fuel that can improve your comfort while saving you money. It is less expensive to use than electricity, and it serves a variety of needs, including home heating, gas cooking, clothes drying, gas fireplace logs, pool heating and more.

Burnett Dairy Cooperative is a full-service propane supplier, serving homes, farms and businesses. We supply tanks and fuel and offer automatic delivery service. We also install, set and service propane tanks of various sizes for your specific needs including 120, 250, 500 and 1,000 gallon tanks.

Burnett Dairy Cooperative is a proven provider of energy products that serves homes, farms and businesses across NW Wisconsin and East-Central Minnesota.

Customers appreciate our reliability and enjoy knowing that Burnett Dairy Cooperative delivers year after year. We deliver fuel in all weather conditions and respond promptly whenever our customers request assistance. Our technicians train frequently so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of the latest and safest technologies. Burnett Dairy Cooperative employees use the best diagnostic equipment, and our repair trucks carry a large inventory of replacement parts, so we get to the bottom of an equipment problem quickly and restore your heat without delay.

Propane is a versatile fuel that enhances life in lots of ways. If you're now using electricity for your stove and clothes dryer, you can switch to propane and spend considerably less on cooking and drying. You can also add a cozy touch to any room with a propane stove or fireplace, or turn an enclosed porch into a cozy, four-season retreat with the addition of a propane heater.

If you're considering propane for the first time - or you're thinking of using it in new ways – Burnett Dairy Cooperative has the expertise you need. We'll evaluate your needs and help you choose the right tank and appliances.

If you're buying propane from another vendor, you can switch your service to Burnett Dairy Cooperative and enjoy our superior, friendly, reliable service. We'll handle all the details of transferring the account and, if necessary, switching out equipment. By switching your fuel business to Burnett Dairy Cooperative, you'll put your family's safety and comfort in good hands.

Homeowners can count on Burnett Dairy Cooperative for:

  • Propane tank installation and service
  • Automatic (Keep-Fill) propane delivery options
  • Customer service access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - 1-800-854-2716
  • Easy Pay Budget Billing options